SCLU's Terms and Conditions

Last edited 11/04/2019

Terms and conditions:

As a member of SCLU we want you to get involved in work to shape services and improve the experiences of looked after children and care leavers in Sheffield. SCLU meetings should always be a safe space where you should feel comfortable to be yourself, share your ideas and contribute.

As a group we have come up with some ‘terms and conditions’ which we think will make SCLU meetings fun and productive. These include clear expectations about the types of behaviours which are acceptable, things that staff from the Children’s Involvement Team will do to make SCLU function and also information about what to do if you aren’t happy with something that happens at the group.

 What workers will do:

  • Send out a draft agenda to all SCLU members the day before the meeting. The agenda will be posted to Facebook but also texted to each member. Members must then inform workers of anything they want to amend or add to the draft agenda.
  • Purchase the shopping for the group. If any member wants to make any specific food requests this must be done by contacting a worker by 12pm on the meeting day.
  • Email out a copy of the meeting minutes to members who request these.
  • Reimburse your travel to and from SCLU meetings, at the price of the lowest form of transport (i.e. if you can travel by bus, we will only refund you cost of the bus fare even if you choose to take a taxi). You must provide us with a receipt of travel or we cannot reimburse you.

Group rules

  • No violence will be tolerated within any SCLU meetings.
  • Swearing is not banned, but must not be targeted or over-used.
  • SCLU meetings are a safe space to share ideas; no one should be made to feel silly and everyone should be respected. There is no such thing as a daft question and it’s okay to say you don’t understand something.
  • Everyone to arrive on time and to let workers know if they are going to be late.
  • Everyone to get involved in the meetings, contribute and have a voice. People to be honest if they don’t understand something.
  • Members to let workers know how to get the best out of them, for example alternative ways of communication and different ways of completing consultations.
  • Workers to question any behaviour that they feel is inappropriate and, where appropriate, have discussions with members to check everyone’s view is that the identified behaviour is inappropriate.
  • A “three strikes and you out” rule to be implemented where if someone acts in an inappropriate way three times within one meeting, they are to be asked to leave without any voucher and are banned from the next SCLU meeting. Workers will make the final decisions in regards to this.
  • All members to be rewarded for their time when attending SCLU meetings. This is to be in the form of a voucher.
  • SCLU meetings to take place every two weeks, for two hours. If any meetings need to be cancelled, workers will contact you as soon as possible to let you know.
  • All consultation requests from other services outside of SCLU to be discussed with SCLU members before agreement for SCLU to be involved with this work is given. SCLU to then decide whether these consultations take place in scheduled SCLU meetings or whether additional meetings need to be arranged.
  • Members to be informed of the correct complaints procedure and this is to be included on the SCLU website.
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