Welcome to Sheffield Care Leavers' Union

Welcome to the Sheffield Care Leavers' Union website. 

The Sheffield Care Leavers' Union (or SCLU for short) is made up of care experienced young people aged between 16 to 25. We formed the group a number of years ago with the aim to:

1. To give care leavers a voice and positively influence the care system.

2. Unite care leavers and create an environment in which we, as care leavers, have the opportunity to socialise with one another.

3. Build a better image of care leavers by helping people understand who we are, standing up for care leavers rights, increasing the opportunities for all care leavers and by acting as role models for all care leavers and children in care.

4. To give care leavers the opportunity to develop skills for the future.

As a group we do lots and lots to get the voices of young people in care and who have left care heard. 

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