Care Leavers' Week 2018

What a week!

Over the past week, we’ve had events going on at Star House in recognition of Care Leavers’ Week - DIY, music, and cake to name just a few!

On the first day, we had a visit from the Lord Mayor, Magid Magid. He came down to show his support for care leavers and it was a great opportunity for people to meet him. We also had a fantastic cake, and we simply cannot forget Leon our fantastic DJ, keeping everyone upbeat with his fantastic tunes!

Onto the next day, oh boy was this a good one…World Food Day! We had a selection of food and drinks from all over the world such as pakoras, onion bhajis, Thai soup, pasta, meatballs, curry, biryani and jerk chicken! Just entering the room you could just smell the brilliance! Don’t even get me started on desert. I can hands down say that the cheese cake was 10 out of 10, the best I’ve ever eaten.

On Friday, we had a DIY and Safety Day. Julian the handyman came with his box of tools and taught people some basic DIY techniques that are quite handy (see what I did there?) to know! We also had someone come from Bike Rehab to do some bike maintenance and safety checks!

Moving into Saturday morning and Breakfast Club! Brilliant food once again, with bacon, croissants, ackee and saltfish and, as pictured, an absolutely amazing fruit basket!

We’re on to a new week now and Movie Monday was one of the most popular events with almost 20 young people watching a movie at The Light cinema.

Tuesday, we’ve got Wellbeing and Save a Life Day. This was my personal favourite! We had a hair dresser come in to, you guessed it, cut people’s hair! We had one of the LAC nurses come in to show us how to wash our hands properly, a massage therapist, first aid training provided by the University of Sheffield, and finally, we had a make your own smoothie bike!

On to the final day and the Halloween party. Once again we had Leon our fantastic music man and a guest appearance from Dave Cohen and his Divas! We saw some absolutely amazing costumes too and it was a fantastic night of fun!

Overall the week was amazing, and I can’t wait for next year!