What to tell your children about Coronavirus

Speaking to children about Coronavirus can be really difficult; you want them to understand whats going on and make sense of why things have changed but you also don't want to frighten them. 

Luckily there's lots of resources available to help you explain things in a child friendly way. Here are just a few:

Coronavirus - What you need to know- This simple 2 page document uses images to help children understand whats the virus is and what things in their life might have changed. 

Corona Virus: A book for children - This book, written by Professor Graham Medley aims to help children aged 5 to 10 years old understand why Coronavirus is, what happens if you catch it and whats going to happen next. 

This Morning - Shortly after the lock down, This Morning did a segment about how to talk to children about Corona Virus, focusing on primary school aged children. Their website gives lots of top tips about this. 

Conversation starters - Just starting conversations about Coronavirus can be really tough. Here are some simple activities you can do whilst talking to your child and also some prompts you can use to get the conversation started. 

NSPCC - The NSPCC has lots of information about how to help your children feel less anxious. It also has useful information about how to work from home if you have children.

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