Using Meditation and Mindfulness during self-isolation

Meditation and mindfulness can improve your physical and emotional wellbeing and help you to stay calm and relaxed. Try some of the activities below...

Mindfulness is simply about focusing your full attention on what you are doing, how you are feeling and being aware of all your senses.  If your mind wanders and starts to think about your worries and stresses, try to bring yourself back to what you are doing. 

Mindful Breathing

A simple exercise to focus your attention on your breathing.

  1. Sit up in a comfortable position and close your eyes.
  2. Notice your breathing as you inhale and exhale normally. Just pay attention to your breath as it goes in and out. Can you feel the place where the air tickles your nostrils? 
  3. Pay attention to how the breath gently moves your body. Can you notice your belly or your chest moving as you breathe?
  4. Sit for a few minutes, just paying attention to your gentle breathing. See how relaxed you can feel just sitting, breathing in and out. 
  5. When your mind starts to wander and think about something else, gently guide your attention back to your breathing.

Mindful dancing

Let yourself go and dance…give yourself the chance to enjoy your music and get your body moving! Don’t worry about dancing on your own, it doesn't matter about what anyone else thinks. Go wild!

 Make some space in your room so you can swing your arms and legs around.

  1. Load up your favourite tracks and let the music play.
  2. Move your body however you wish and let the music move you.
  3. Give your full attention to the music and notice how your body feels. If your mind wanders to something else, bring your mind back to the music and your body.

 Here are some useful websites to help you:

 There are loads of free apps for your phone that can help you practice meditation and mindfulness: